Need help?








Contact one of the Board members for assistance.



Peter Lewis (President), 627-7602

Kathy Day,(Vice President), 321-6672

Brian Dickson,(Vice President), 744-4481

Angelica Bolitho, 745-2325(Treasurer)

Marilyn Venner, 620-6190 (Secretary) secretary (at)

Alexander Macklin, (Past President), 745-7259


Chris Barker, 741-1233

Michele Collum Hayman

Susan d'Aquino, 741-9970

Jane Dobell, 749-1433

Russell Gibson, 741-8387

Robert Gougeon, 421-1949

Joan Kellett

Claire Ouseley, 824-9649

Imbaw Storer, 883-1974

Brad Sweeney, 421-4873

Nicolas Temnikov,255-2045



380-A Springfield Road, Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa, ON, K1M 0K7

Other Helpful Numbers


Emergencies call 911

City Hall call 311 for things that need fixing

city tree branches needing pruning, water mains broken, flooded basements due to problems the city caused, new potholes, etc.


For other police assistance in the Village, 236-1222, ext.5915

Recreation Office, 842-8578

Child Care Centre, 745-8005

Community Hall, 742-8475

Public Library, 745-2562

Rockcliffe Tennis Club, 749-5494

Hon. Mauril Bélanger, 947-7961

Councillor Peter Clark, 580-2483