RPRA Mission

The RPRA's Mission is to:




conference_tableThe RPRA directors meet the third Wednesday of the month (except July, August and December) at the Community Hall, 380 Springfield Road.  Their meetings are open to the public. The agenda is posted on the RPRA Bulletin Board at the Springfield Road entrance to the Community Hall and also on the RPRA website. The volunteer Directors are elected annually.

The RPRA is a volunteer organization.

The major functions and activities of the RPRA, all run by community volunteers, include publication of The Rockcliffe News, delivered free to every household in the Village; a website; an evening and luncheon speakers program; a variety of community events and activities for children and adults; various environmental actions; traffic, cycling and safety issues; assistance to the Library; heritage and site plan reviews of construction and exterior alteration to buildings and other related heritage activities.


Community Events and Recreation
walkingAn Events Committee organizes and sponsors a range of programs that are held in the Community Hall or the Jubilee Garden on a seasonal basis – such as the Spring Family BBQ, the Fall Garden Party, a Heritage Trolley Tour, the Children's Christmas Party, Christmas Tree Lighting and Carol Singing. There is also a children's soccer league, open to all children aged 4 years and up who live in Lindenlea, Rockcliffe Park, Manor Park and New Edinburgh. In the winter, two skating rinks are maintained by a dedicated group of parents, The Hosers, who brave the elements to flood the ice at midnight. The hockey and general skating rink is located at Rockcliffe Park Public School and the children's rink is in the Jubilee Garden.

Speakers Program

podiumFor the past seven years, informal luncheon and evening talks by outstanding personalities have been given periodically in the Community Hall.To illustrate the range of topics, speakers have included David Halton on his career as a television journalist, Eddie Goldenberg giving his perspective on how Ottawa works from his years advising Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Andrew Cohen on his time in Washington, Marc Garneau on Canada's role in space, Justice Louise Arbour on prosecuting war criminals, Major-General Andrew Leslie on Canadian Forces operating overseas, Don Newman on Canada's political landscape, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin PC on the Supreme Court, Elizabeth May and Tom d'Aquino debating environmental matters, Dr. Michael Rudnicki on stem cell research, Victor Rabinovitch on the Museum of Civilization, and Michael Pantazzi on investigating Nazi looting of art. Watch the RPRA Bulletin Board, the RPRA website and the Rockcliffe Newsletter for details.


Traffic, Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
Residents of Rockcliffe Park are avid walkers and are concerned about roadway safety. A Committee advises the RPRA on questions dealing with the volume of traffic, speed limits, parking and traffic signs and the RPRA in turn contacts the City. Once a year in April, this committee records traffic volume and direction at specific locations.


The Heritage and Site Plan Committee provides advice to City staff on plans for alterations, demolitions, and the construction of new buildings. The advice is based on the Management Guidelines adopted with the Village's heritage designation. In support of this advisory function, the committee maintains an Inventory of Heritage Resources that lists those houses to which special attention should be paid when alterations are proposed.

The committee is also the source of RPRA advice to the City on other planning matters, such as changes to the Zoning By-law and the Beechwood Community Design Plan.

The committee undertakes projects, such as the restoration of the Birkenfels Gates, and manages an archive of historical material that includes files with photographs and information on most Village properties. An on-going oral history project has taped interviews with long-time residents. The tapes or a printed copy may be borrowed from the library.

The committee has published a pocket guide "Walking in the Village of Rockcliffe Park" as well as "The Cultural Landscape of Rockcliffe Park Village" by Humphrey Carver, and "Village of Rockcliffe Park Heritage Conservation District" by Julian Smith and Victoria Angel. These may be purchased at the Community Police Centre. A committee member, Martha Edmond, wrote "Rockcliffe Park: A History of the Village".



forestThe Environment Committee works to encourage an awareness of good stewardship of the natural environment in the Village. Trees within the Village are a proud heritage and a database of trees on public land is maintained. Thanks to an annual grant from the Village Foundation and in cooperation with the City, a tree-replacement program is carried out on road verges and other public lands, using species native to the Ottawa Valley. Other concerns include the maintenance of our public areas, street lighting, lake and pond water quality, road salt use and road maintenance, the memorial benches and insecticide and herbicide and chemical fertilizer use. The Committee has an active tree and shrub restoration project in the Caldwell-Carver Conservation Area adjacent to McKay Lake and the Pond. The Committee and the Rockcliffe Student Environment Committee (representing all three schools) organise Spring and Fall street cleanups.

A major emphasis has been to work towards the elimination of the use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes throughout the Village by both publicizing healthier alternatives for weed control and promoting pesticide free street blocks as they emerge.

Library Committee

libraryIn addition to the volunteers who work in the library under the direction of the professional staff, the RPRA has a Library Committee which supports the branch and whose members are drawn from the surrounding communities of New Edinburgh, Lindenlea, and Manor Park.

This committee organizes a yearly Book Sale of donated books, CDs, and DVDs which takes place in late March or early April in the Community Hall. To date, the money raised has supported various aspects of the Rockcliffe branch; such as additional children's programming, materials for children and adults, and magazine subscriptions. The allocation is made according to the advice of the supervising librarian. As many of the volunteers are also involved in the larger Rockcliffe Park Public School Book Fair, there has been excellent cooperation between the two groups, and thanks to the generosity of the wider community, both fairs have been well supplied with books. This committee organizes Open Houses at the library in an effort to reach out to new patrons and it informally liaises with the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library and offers support to the Ottawa Public Library at City budget consultation time. Persons wishing to join the Library committee should leave their name and telephone number with the Library staff.