Heritage Matters

Heritage Matters

Recent Developments Around Rockcliffe Park

132 Lisgar Road

The City has approved additions to both sides of this Grade I house. The additions will be set back from the façade of the house, lower than the house, and similar in materials and expression. However, the south side addition will be only 4.9 feet from the property line when the by-law requires 11.5 feet. This is not in accord with our Heritage Plan that requires the preservation of generous spacing between buildings. We nonetheless supported this addition because of a truly exceptional circumstance – the house is set back from the road by a full 80 feet, providing a long vista to the house and significantly mitigating the impact of the much-reduced side-yard. The neighbour sharing the property line also supported the addition.

65 Acacia Avenue

A proposal to replace a house on the Lindenlea side of Acacia with a 12-unit, 5-storey apartment is being considered by the City. The proposal has provoked much opposition from Lindenlea, as well as from us. The proposed building–in scale, height, and reduced setbacks at the front, sides and back–would have a serious negative impact on the streetscape, which is characterized mainly by one- and two-storey houses. It is seen as setting a dangerous precedent for the lower part of Acacia. Because the proposed development is across the street from Rockcliffe Park – a heritage conservation district – the province does not permit any development that fails to conserve the heritage attributes of Rockcliffe Park.

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