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City Requirements

City of Ottawa By-laws

Garbage Collection and Recycling

Garbage and recycling pick-up is on Tuesdays. The city’s online collection calendar ( describes what is picked up and when. Rockcliffe Park is in Collection Zone A. To obtain copies of the calendar, go to or call 311. The city describes what to recycle and what happens to recycled materials in the following video: What happens to my recycling? 

Put garbage and recycling boxes at the roadside by 7 am. Rockcliffe Park has a large and skilled racoon population, so use tightly covered racoon-proof garbage containers. Garbage pick-up is alternating weeks with the black box for paper and cardboard only, while the blue box is for containers and the waste collection calendar lists what to place in it. Extra recycling boxes are available at a modest cost at most hardware stores. Wine, beer bottles and beer cans and some alcohol containers may be returned for cash at the Beer Store (closest one is near the corner of Montreal Road. and St. Laurent Boulevard.).  Large appliances will not be collected, but may be donated to charities or taken to one of the city’s Take it Back partners. Also will pick up donated items.

The waste calendar lists the locations and dates for hazardous waste collections and how to recycle cedar hedge clippings. Please recycle and compost kitchen and yard waste in your city-provided green bins.  We are asked to meet city and provincial waste-reduction targets to conserve the remaining space in solid-waste landfill sites.  The City’s instructional pamphlet on composting is available at the Community Police Centre. (Email to check the Centre’s limited open hours.)

Garden Waste

Leaf and garden waste is collected in brown compostable bags during spring, summer and fall.  Please cut branches into four-foot lengths and tie in easily handled bundles for collection on the same day.  Please remove large stones.

Water Use

Please use water wisely by adjusting your sprinkler system to use less water and by avoiding watering during the day and not watering your lawn and garden needlessly.  Run a sprinkler only until a tuna can fills with water.

Consider drought- resistant flowers and ground cover. Rain barrels connected to roof downspouts are encouraged as a source of water for gardens, but screen them to prevent mosquito breeding.


There are restrictions on outdoor noise. Common sense, respect for neighbours and the Ottawa noise by-law are your guides. Decibel levels for each activity are specified in the by-law on the City Web site.

Power tools, such as lawnmowers, leaf-blowers, chain saws etc., are regulated by the noise by-law. These may be used on weekdays and Saturday from 7 am to 9 pm and after 9 am on Sundays and statutory holidays.  Noise from construction is allowed between 7 am and 10 pm on weekdays and Saturdays and after 9 am on Sundays.  Music and other amplified sound are permitted from 7 am until 11 pm on weekdays and Saturdays, but not before noon on Sundays.  Pet owners should be aware that persistent barking of dogs is prohibited.


Please ensure that any outdoor security lights do not shine onto the neighbour’s property.  Neighbourhood Watch encourages residents to leave their porch lights on during the evening to provide improved security, but to use a low-wattage light bulb to save energy and limit light spillage.


The posted speed limit within the Village is 40 kph on major streets. Please travel no more than that speed on all streets. Give priority to pedestrians and cyclists.  The parking time-limit on streets is three hours in unsigned areas.  In winter, overnight street parking is not allowed. Pedestrians should walk facing traffic, use a flashlight at night, and wear light coloured clothing and reflective vests.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools require a building permit and a protective fence around the pool before it may be filled with water.  A permit is required to install any fence.

Winter Information

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Please clean up after your pet.  Good neighbours ensure that this by-law is always observed in all public places.  Dog excrement should be disposed of in the toilet and not in the garbage containers placed at the walkway entrances to the McKay Lake or the Pond.

Special heritage Rockcliffe Park dog tags may be purchased at the Community Police Centre for $5. City-required dog and cat registration licences may be purchased and renewed at Ottawa City Hall on 110 Laurier St. West or online at  Owners are required to show proof of pets’ rabies vaccinations.  A city by-law requires that pets be under the control of their owner, although not necessarily on a leash. However, pets must be on a leash in the NCC Rockeries and in the Caldwell Carver Conservation Area.  Dogs are not permitted to swim in either McKay Lake or the Pond. Please do not let your cat roam free on your neighbours’ properties and keep cats under close control as they kill large numbers of songbirds.

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