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RPRA Committees

Committees of the RPRA report to the Board of Directors and their members help us organize events, monitor issues, protect our heritage and environment. We are always looking for committee members. If you would like to join a committee, please email

Heritage Committee

This committee is in place to protect and conserve properties in accord with the Rockcliffe Park Heritage Conservation District Plan. The Committee provides comments to homeowners and to the city on whether proposals to alter the exterior of a house, or to add to, demolish or construct a new building or accessory building, meet the provisions of the Heritage Plan. Before submitting an application to the city’s heritage staff to do any of these things, [omit: for a permit to alter a property to the city’s heritage staff,] homeowners are to contact the RPRA Heritage Committee at

The committee provides advice to the City on other planning matters, such as changes to the Zoning By-law and the Beechwood Community Design Plan. It also undertakes special projects, such as the restoration of the Birkenfels Gates, and manages an archive of historical material that includes files with photographs and information on most Village properties. 

An oral history project has recorded interviews with long-time residents. One may read these digitized stories or a printed copy at the Rockcliffe Park Library.

Discover Rockcliffe Park’s Rich Heritage!

The Rockcliffe Park Residents Association has published pocket guides, including Walking in the Village of Rockcliffe Park, The Cultural Landscape of Rockcliffe Park Village by Humphrey Carver, and Village of Rockcliffe Park Heritage Conservation District by Julian Smith and Victoria Angel.  One can purchase these booklets at the Community Police Centre. 

Environment Committee

This committee works to encourage awareness of good stewardship of the Village’s beautiful natural environment. As trees are an intrinsic part of its proud heritage, the committee maintains a database of trees on public land. The Village Foundation and the city financially support a tree-replacement program carried out on road verges and other public lands, using species native to the Ottawa Valley. 

The Environment committee also monitors Rockcliffe’s public areas for issues relating to street lighting, lake and pond water quality, road salt use and road maintenance, the memorial benches and insecticide and herbicide and chemical fertilizer use. And, it works to minimize the impact of invasive species. The Committee has an active tree and shrub restoration project in the Caldwell-Carver Conservation Area adjacent to McKay Lake and the Pond. 

Library Committee

The RPRA Library Committee champions the causes of literacy and education through its support of the Rockcliffe branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Its members are drawn from Rockcliffe Park and the surrounding communities of New Edinburgh, Lindenlea, and Manor Park, which this library branch also serves.

Since 1997, this committee has organized the Rockcliffe Park Spring Book Sale which comprises over 20,000 donated books in 30 categories, along with CDs, DVDs and vinyl. Taking place in the Rockcliffe Park Community Hall, it involves more than 100 volunteers. Buyers come from local communities and as far away as Kingston and Cornwall. Funds raised improve services and programming (especially for children) at the Rockcliffe Park Branch of the Ottawa Public Library and support literacy programs at the OPL.

The annual November Rockcliffe Park Book Fair takes place at the Rockcliffe Park Public School. These two important book sales represent a great opportunity to contribute to the community and get to know new people.  Both are integrally linked through the collaboration of their volunteers (who often work at both events), the generosity of the wider community and the rich endowment of books.

The RPRA Library Committee reaches out to new patrons with Open Houses at the Rockcliffe Park Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. It supports improved services and programming through funds raised by its Spring Book Sale. It also supports the wider Ottawa Public Library literacy programs, liaises informally with the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library and offers support to the OPL at city budget consultation time. To join the library committee, just leave your name with library staff.

Traffic Committee

An RPRA Committee assesses safety issues, traffic volume, speed limits, parking and traffic signs and contacts the City to report issues when necessary.  In spring, this committee records traffic volumes and direction at specific locations throughout the Village.

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