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Native Trees, Shrubs and Vines

Residents are encouraged to maintain native biodiversity on their own property by planting trees, shrubs and vines native to the Ottawa Valley.

Native plants are adapted to our ecosystem and, over the years, have adapted or evolved to cope with our Canadian environment. Our local birds and mammals have also learned how to use them for food and shelter and nesting habitat.  In some cases, our native insects and butterflies, birds and mammals cannot or will not use exotic plants for either food or shelter.

By choosing to plant native trees, shrubs and vines, you can help to restore local ecosystems to a state where they are likely most useful to other native plants and animals. Those grown from local seed sources can better cope over the long run with the climatic conditions in Ottawa. They should require less care and less water than a southern species that needs special attention. Click the button below to consult the list of native trees, shrubs and vines.

Native Trees, Shrubs and Vines Database


Maintaining Healthy Urban Trees

Caring for Ice-Damaged Trees

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