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Protect our Village Green and Jubilee Garden trees from defoliation

Protect our Village Green and Jubilee Garden trees from defoliation This year, again, we are expecting that the spongy moth caterpillars (formerly the LDD moth) will hatch out in force and start to eat the newly emerged leaves on our trees.  The city has provided burlap to wrap trees in city parks (for Rockcliffe, that […]

LDD Moth Featured Image

Spongy Moth (LDD) Best Practices

Spongy Moth (LDD) Best Practices Now that winter snow has finally melted, it is time once again to turn our attention back to very hungry caterpillars that will soon be coming to a neighbourhood or tree near you. The name may have changed from Gypsy to LDD to now Spongy Moth, but it is still […]

Cleared path

Path raking a big success!

Path raking a big success! Thanks to all those enthusiastic people with smiles and rakes who turned out Saturday afternoon to clear leaves from the trails around McKay Lake and the Pond.  It has been ages since the trails looked so good.  More than 20 people showed up and the job was finished in just […]

Endorsement of Rockcliffe Park as a Historic District of National Significance

On July 21, 2021, the City of Ottawa endorsed the application by the Rockcliffe Park Resident’s Association for commemoration as a Historic District of National Significance under the Historic Sites and Monuments Act. The Association was notified by email on July 23, 2021, see: Letter from Mayor Watson to Russell Gibson of the RPRA RE […]

Confirmation of Designation of Mile Circle and Aviation Museum Area as Lands to be Preserved from Development

Mile Circle and Aviation Museum Area Lands to be Preserved from Development The following response was received to a request seeking confirmation that Mile Circle and lands to the east of Birch St and lands around the Aviation Museum and the Rockcliffe Park Airport whose designations have been changed to allow for development will be […]

Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Update June 16, 2021

This is a brief recap of the invasive gypsy moth and its caterpillar stages and its impact on our trees. It is not too late to wrap trees in burlap or any breathable fabric. or with a combination of sticky tape with shiny tape top and bottom.  Bridgehead is donating coffee bags (burlap) and as […]

Skating at Jubilee Garden

Skating at Jubilee Garden Winter 2021 Our community offers many opportunities for enjoying winter sports – skating, cross-country skiing, tobogganing and walking through the Rockeries and other NCC lands adjacent to Rockcliffe Park. Skating is at our Jubilee Garden skating rink, MacKay Lake and the (mostly) hockey rink beside the Rockcliffe Park Fieldhouse, located at […]

RPRA’s Rockcliffe Park Tennis Club Update June 2020

RPRA’s Update re Rockcliffe Lawn Tennis Club Lighting June 22, 2020   Context   The Rockcliffe Park Residents Association received dozens of letters, emails and calls in April, May and June 2020 from neighbours arguing strongly for and against the Rockcliffe Lawn Tennis Club (RLTC) plan to install lighting. This debate has caused controversy in […]

Resources to help us through COVID-19

Getting through COVID-19: Public Health information, grocery availability, deliveries, diversions for kids and adults   Please patronize our local businesses, especially independent ones, during this difficult time. We want them around after the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have updates to the following, please let us know at See and download our printable Word file […]

New retaining wall at The Pond

Pond Retaining Wall and Rehabilitation In May and June, the City built a retaining wall and installed loose rock to protect the Pond’s shoreline from further erosion, stabilize the banks and discourage sunbathing and digging. The RPRA hopes this work will help to preserve our beautiful Pond and Conservation Area. This year, the City will […]


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