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Confirmation of Designation of Mile Circle and Aviation Museum Area as Lands to be Preserved from Development

Mile Circle and Aviation Museum Area Lands to be Preserved from Development

The following response was received to a request seeking confirmation that Mile Circle and lands to the east of Birch St and lands around the Aviation Museum and the Rockcliffe Park Airport whose designations have been changed to allow for development will be preserved as green space.

Dear Ms. McAllister,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the NCC regarding the lands in the Mile Circle and Aviation Museum Area identified in the City of Ottawa’s new Official Plan. Mr. Nussbaum asked me to follow-up with you and provide you with additional information.

Under the National Capital Act, the planning authority for these federal lands is the National Capital Commission. The Capital Urban Lands Plan (2015) designates the lands in the subject area as Capital Urban Greenspace, Cultural Institution & Facility, and Other Federal Facility, which is in keeping with their capital functions.

One of the principal comments that the NCC has made in regards to the City of Ottawa’s New Official Plan is that the NCC’s planning authority, land use designations and policies must be respected where the NCC and City of Ottawa’s plans show overlap. We are continuing to work with the City to achieve this objective, and look forward to reviewing the next draft of the New Official Plan when it is released in the coming weeks.

As part of our review, the NCC noted that some lands along the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway – including Mile Circle – had been changed from Major Open Space to Neighbourhoods. We provided written comments to the City, and raised the issue in discussion with City staff. We have received confirmation that this was an inaccuracy and that the appropriate lands will appear as Greenspace in the next iteration of the New Official Plan.

Last, the City is not proposing any changes to the underlying zoning of the lands at this time, and the NCC always remains the land use planning authority for these federal lands.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Kind regards,


Émilie Ruel
Manager, Public consultations

Gestionnaire, Consultations publiques

National Capital Commission
Commission de la capitale nationale
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